Thursday, April 22, 2010

Misadventures with the Green Fairy

Ah, the Green Fairy. Poets and artists of Parisian bohemian society thought freely and creatively while doused in the warm embrace of the mystical (and imaginary) Green Fairy. The mascot of the drink known as Absinthe, she has inspired works of art while driving her courtiers to madness. In other words: she is one tricky b*tch (and my kind of gal).

While we were in New Orleans a few weeks ago, the hubs tried to dance with the lovely Green Fairy (after all, the Old Absinthe House is famed bar in the city) but, for lack of a better term, she schooled the hell of out him. Apparently, she gets offended when one seeks her after being in the company of beer, Hurricanes and Hand Grenades. She is, after all, no one’s second—or fourth—choice.

As the hubs was having his, er, violent disagreement with his other woman for the evening, I longed for a different Green Fairy all together.

Now, from reading this site, you know I’m knocked up and thus did not seek the delicious but very, very alcoholic Absinth. Nope. I was stuck with a head cold that just wouldn’t quit. Yup, I was in New Orleans and couldn’t drink a drop or smell a scent. A city made practically made of food and drink was nearly lost on me in the haze of a head cold.

I’m not sure, dear (two) readers, if you’ve ever tried sleeping with a cold without the aid of some lovely medicine. Without mincing words, it sucks. And, due to this sorry, snotty episode, it made me think of another emerald pixie: Nyquil.

Think about it, Nyquil really is the modern-day Green Fairy. The color is right, the taste is full of bitter booze and it warmly lulls you into its bosom to help you sleep. Man, did I long for it like an artist for his missing muse…or his missing booze. Something like that.

But, now we’re back from “The City That Care Forgot,” my head cold has decided not to bother with the likes of me any more and the hubs as recovered from disaster date with his liquid (one-time) mistress. Life is back to normal…except I still have dreams about Kylie Minogue in Nyquil commercials. Ah, if only.


  1. Funny how sometimes I forget about things. 6 years ago your husband bought me a bottle of Absinthe in Europe, back when it was illegal in the U.S. I forgot all about that; I probably have not thought about it in 4 years. So I looked in the liquor cabinet this afternoon. Sure enough it is still there, unopened.

  2. Yes, the hubs has been obsessed with Absinthe for a long, long while; however, I think the weekend in NOLA cured that for good. Reminds me of a line from Moulin Rouge (I know, but indulge me), “Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love!” Yup. It did feel good to get that out.

    BTW – thanks for becoming reader number dos! It’s nice to know I’m not just typing to myself or the hubs.

    :) Welcome, dearie.

  3. Love your rants! May I be number 3?