Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Desperate & Seeking (OR Wanted: Blog Content from my Fair Readers Who are Kind and Lovely Humans, I Hope)

Writer’s block has me.

Yup, its got me good since I can’t even come up with a witty follow up quip to that sentence. Damn. I’m sure it would’ve been good, too.

This is where I need your help: what on earth do you want me to write about? Really, door’s open. Ask away. I promise to answer all questions honestly. And hopefully (with fingers crossed, eyes squeezed shut) in an amusing manner.

And listen, I know we have some new readers out there—yes, ones I actually don’t know in real life—so this is no time to be shy. Momma needs some new blog topics. And a few extra hours of sleep. And another foot rub. Or rubs.

See what happens when I try this on my own? I'll quit while I'm ahead (well, at least not behind) and you let those fingers do they typin'.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video Killed the Writer's Blog

Okay, I have about two minutes before the kiddo awakens and starts demanding some grub. (And before you make an Oliver "please sir, I want some more" joke, don't.) I promise I will return to dazzling you all with my wit soon enough. Until then, enjoy some more video of our twinkling little star.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick, While He's Napping...

Yikes. Having a kid has been detrimental to this blog. Over the last few months I've had to choose between feeding my kid, showering, sneaking in a quick nap or blogging. I hope you'll forgive that I chose anything but the latter every single time.

Though I left the blog to collect virtual spiderwebs, I was able to stifle my Catholic guilt by remembering my (three) readers also stalk me on Facebook so they would get their fix as needed. Also, it couldn't hurt that I tossed my first born son into a vat of holy water.

I'm still on borrowed time (I mean, a nanny ain't gonna hire him/herself) so I'll leave you with a few videos of our dear, sweet, perfect, handsome, occasionally-fussy-even-though-he's-fed-changed-burped-and-rested, amazing son.

He's a bit camera shy. I'm secretly hoping this means he won't grow up to be a tween who vlogs about what he had for lunch.

Working on crawling at almost 12 weeks

Oh. Please forgive my annoying voice in all the videos. Moreover, pray for Oliver as he's the one that has to listen to it all day long and for the rest of his life. Kid's got it rough.