Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Desperate & Seeking (OR Wanted: Blog Content from my Fair Readers Who are Kind and Lovely Humans, I Hope)

Writer’s block has me.

Yup, its got me good since I can’t even come up with a witty follow up quip to that sentence. Damn. I’m sure it would’ve been good, too.

This is where I need your help: what on earth do you want me to write about? Really, door’s open. Ask away. I promise to answer all questions honestly. And hopefully (with fingers crossed, eyes squeezed shut) in an amusing manner.

And listen, I know we have some new readers out there—yes, ones I actually don’t know in real life—so this is no time to be shy. Momma needs some new blog topics. And a few extra hours of sleep. And another foot rub. Or rubs.

See what happens when I try this on my own? I'll quit while I'm ahead (well, at least not behind) and you let those fingers do they typin'.




  1. How about your impressions on what it's like to finally be a "grown-up"? I mean when we were younger, it seemed like we would have it all figured out once we finished school, got a career, got married, and had kids. Feel like a grown-up yet?

  2. I think you should discuss more cat related material on here. Does that make me sound crazy? Well, that's because I am.

    I'm all for discussing about whether or not 30-somethings feel like grown-ups. Spoiler alert, I do not. See above.

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