Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cupcakes Never Lie

We’re having a boy!

Yessiree. We found out yesterday we are having a boy. And all the people rejoiced. Mostly because there won’t be a mini-me running around—the world just isn’t ready yet. Neither is the hubs. Poor dear.

We’ve notified the family, friends and the rest of the folks that happen to be voyeurs on our Facebook pages. For those who were in town to share the good news, we even provided snacks—the lovely blue cupcakes shown above (photo courtesy of our friend Justin who always takes pictures of his food).

Many thanks to Violet’s Cakes in Pasadena for whipping up the yummy-nummy treats in record time after our call from the doctor’s office while other cupcake shops refused to help a preggo gal out.

Oh Violet’s, you have won your way into my heart. And my tummy. My taste buds thank you. My waistline cries out.

Look at what you started.

I suppose the road to hell is, in fact, paved with good intentions delicious cupcakes. Frankly, I’m more than okay with that.

Bring on the blue! Bring on the trucks and trains and He-Man action figures! Now to brace the world for our boy: Oliver George. (Oliver for his maternal great grandfather; George for his paternal grandfather.)

Look out world: I promise a doozy of an amazingly awesome human being.


  1. who will be taking after his amazing parents

  2. Huzzah, huzzah! Or something like that. So happy for you, and welcome to the world of little boy mommies. We'll pretend Leo is his older cousin, and he can show him the ropes when the time comes.
    On a humorous note, I must mention that after changing his diapers, you will never look at an adult's penis the same way. Not that you spend a lot of time looking at them, but you know what I mean.
    And those cupcakes look yummy - eat up!!!!

  3. congrats lady! little boys rock.